Meona Group

Meona Group - exited

The Meona Group was formed in 2017 through a merger between the healthcare IT companies Meona GmbH and BVBA. Today it is considered the leading innovator in the field of clinical software. In 2019, the group expanded through the acquisition of Dr. Heni Software GmbH & Co. KG. Numerous university clinics and hospitals use Meona’s software to digitise and optimise hospital processes. Henceforth, the Meona Group significantly contributes to the quality of patient care.



Transaction type

Leveraged Buyout


Germany, Belgium


EMERAM Private Equity Fund I

Acquired in

November 2017


June 2021

Registered office

Freiburg (Germany)

Business Development

With the support of EMERAM as a business development partner, Meona established itself as a leading provider of software solutions in hospitals, improving processes such as medical documentation. Both strategic development and two acquisitions contributed to Meona’s success. Additionally, the Freiburg-based company continuously expanded its product portfolio and successfully penetrated new geographical markets, such as Austria and Switzerland. Meona also received critical certifications (Class IIa medical products). Simultaneously, measures were set to expand the management team, develop the organisational structure, and revamp the CFO office and reporting structure. Due to Meona’s strong growth profile over the past years, the number of employees doubled.