For entrepreneurs

We care passionately about German SMEs, and want to achieve success in tandem with you as a business owner or founder. As a business development partner, we invest primarily in dynamic companies. At EMERAM Capital Partners, we focus on growth sectors in which we have relevant experience and suitable expertise so that we can support your company effectively en route to the next development stage and play a key role in enhancing your value. The funds that we advise provide the portfolio companies with capital, networks and expertise in equal measure.

Core sectors

Dynamic future markets

We prefer to invest in companies that take at least one of the following three areas very seriously and have substantial development potential:

Technology / Software

Unique solutions

Value-added Services

Long-term service agreements

New Consumer Staples

Strong customer loyalty

Funds that we advise usually acquire a majority stake. At the same time, we welcome it if the existing management team also invests or the founding team retains a stake in the company. 

Investment criteria

Starting points for a partnership

Your company is of particular interest to us if it meets the following criteria:

Growth market

Active in a growth market, ideally in one of our preferred areas of expertise ( technology/software, value-added services and new consumer staples sectors)


Current or potential holders of a leading market position (possibly also through purchases)


Currently profitable with earnings of EUR 3 million to EUR 20 million (or positive “unit economics”)


Strong management teams with firm growth ambitions

Reasons for investment

Reasons for investment

Our extensive experience enables us to respond flexibly to your transaction request.
We individually gear each equity investment of the funds that we manage towards the respective requirements. As a new shareholder, in our role as a business development partner, we aim to take your company to a new level and increase its competitiveness – ideally in conjunction with you as a co-shareholder. That is why we believe a good sale price is just one of several factors in a successful transaction. 

The EMERAM team has a wealth of experience if you
•    want to finance growth, purchases or internationalisation,
•    are looking for a partner or successor for your family company,
•    are planning a management buy-out or buy-in, or
•    want to structure a change of shareholders.

Successful transactions

Our experience

We have successfully implemented numerous transactions over the past few years

Spin-off from corporations

Full acquisition of companies (as a spin-off from corporations or from business owners) along with involvement of the management team

Management Buy Out

Purchase of companies (100 percent), involvement of the management, and continued involvement of the seller (usually with a stake of 10 to 30 percent)

Succession policy

Succession solutions and replacement of a shareholder

Consolidation & coordination

Majority stakes as the largest yet neutral shareholder in the event of a merger of multiple SMEs

Depending on the requirements and the situation, the funds that we advise provide the companies with equity or convertible loans to finance their expansion (organically or inorganically). In general, we acquire a significant or majority stake in the company. To provide optimum support for our equity investments, we subsequently appoint an active Non-Executive Board with representatives of EMERAM as well as sector and finance experts.

Of course, each transaction must be individually structured. We would be happy to talk you through the right solution for you. In addition, we can put you in touch with business owners or managing directors who have worked with us on a similar basis.

Business development partner

We firmly believe that partnership-based collaboration is the ideal foundation for achieving optimum results together. That is why we actively assist the portfolio companies of the funds that we advise as a business development partner. In this role, we see ourselves as an outsourced business development unit that provides a variety of services for SMEs in the EMERAM portfolio. We bring our extensive experience in business development to the table here. 
The services we provide as a business development partner cover the following aspects:

Our strategy

Expertise and contacts

As your business development partner, we secure the company's financing and provide you with extensive expertise for future operational and strategic development. To deliver this, we work closely with experts within our network whose skills also benefit our portfolio companies. 

These experts mainly operate in the technology/software, value-added services and new consumer staples sectors. By focusing on these dynamic markets, we are continuously expanding our industry network. Furthermore, we can turn to a host of partners with experience in the SME segment who have repeatedly achieved outstanding results for our portfolio companies in areas such as organisational, strategic and HR development. We also engage our long-standing industry contacts in specific growth initiatives and acquisitions as well as procurement and sales activities. 

Our network comprises several dozen partner companies with a combined total of over 500 experts who have all worked with us successfully in the past. Like a large family, we move the company forwards together and achieve our goals.

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