We offer SME companies a stable partnership for sustainable corporate development.

EMERAM Capital Partners was founded in Munich in 2012 as an independent partnership. With the aim of becoming the leading equity investment company for SME companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we not only invest in companies, but also actively support their further development. We offer our portfolio companies a high degree of operational experience, strategic know-how and access to an excellent network in the national and international economy.

Management background for successful companies

Together with entrepreneurs and institutional investors, we also participate financially in new investments. As a long-term business development partner, we offer far more than capital. Thanks to our broad management background and extensive industry expertise, we speak the language of the management. We contribute this know-how to companies with a strong strategic platform and good prospects. At the same time, we do not shy away from dealing with operationally complex situations.

Real added-value is created by combining capital with experience as well as a solid business network.

Through the combination of capital, operational experience and an extensive business network, long-term added-value is created. On the basis of this conviction, we regard ourselves as a catalyst for successful and established companies. In order to elevate this to the next development level, we not only concentrate on significant growth of sales, employees and profit, but also on sustainable added-value. This combined investment approach is advantageous for all parties who are involved in a transaction: entrepreneurs, managers and investors.

Developing companies in partnership

Our objective is to invest in high-quality businesses and to partner with management teams to grow and improve our portfolio companies for the long-term. We invest in businesses with a strong market position, which are poised for significant improvement or further growth. In our investments, we typically seek to acquire a significant stake and invite management to partner with us.

Strong network for strong management

Portfolio companies profit from our extensive network of industry specialists, experienced managers and business contacts. Without intervening in the day-to-day business, we are available to the management with advice and assistance. As a rule, we occupy two seats on an advisory board which is strengthened by external industry experts. Thanks to this additional know-how, value-adding and growth-promoting measures are found and implemented rapidly.

Joint success is based on six golden rules.

It is not only crucial, which transactions are conducted, but also how transactions are conducted. Therefore, we have defined values and principles within the context of clear governance, which define our partnership approach and claim.

A passion for the business

A passion for the business

We believe that a successful private equity investment company needs to understand more than only the financial side. Anyone who does not share the passion for a company’s products, does not understand the customer orientation, does not see the importance of the employees and will not be able to comprehend the true value of a company. We are interested in the business, enthusiastic about its products and therefore invest in much more than the figures!

Sustainable corporate development

Sustainable corporate development

Like any good entrepreneur, we do not aim for short-term profit maximisation, but for sustainable increase of the company’s value. We invest in companies with a strong competitive position and search for ways to make it stronger. In most cases, growth is the driving factor in our equity investments. Through it we increase the enterprise value and create positive momentum and opportunities for existing and new employees simultaneously.

Creating win-win situations

Creating win-win situations

Our investors entrust us with their money, so that we can create long-term and sustainable added-value. We buy from entrepreneurs who believe that we are a good (co-)owner of their company and work together with management teams, who are convinced that we can support them. We take responsibility for the company and its employees and are convinced that success in life, as well as in our business depends on the constructive cooperation of all participants. Creating situations from which all participants benefit, is an integral part of our business approach.

Real partnership

Real partnership

Our goal is to achieve an alignment of interests with the management of our associate companies. In order to succeed, we create incentive systems in which we are all in the same boat. If an investment is successful for us, it should also be worthwhile for the management team. We regard our equity investment in a company as a partnership with the management asll well as other participants. Not only is our own appropriate, constructive and cooperative behaviour crucial, but is expected from all involved parties.

Offering more than money

Offering more than money

Through our experience, broad network, and close, constructive dialogue with management, numerous solutions are created for our portfolio companies. We regard ourselves as an active partner for the next phase of corporate development. Unless we are convinced that we can contribute to the further development of a company, regardless of financial resources, we will refrain from an investment.

Fairness pays off

Fairness pays off

We are convinced that an open and fair cooperation with all of our business partners forms the basis for our credibility, our useful network and our long-term success. “We always meet twice in a lifetime!”: This conviction characterises our actions. We will be pleased to provide you with references, but request that you gain your own impression or ask people who know us.

Wide variety with high potential.

EMERAM is an independent private equity investment company, which invests € 400 million equity capital into the EMERAM Private Equity Fund I as a consultant and manager. Our investors are public and private pension funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and foundations.

These investors are well-known international organisations, which not only provide us with capital, but also expertise, a network and know-how from their regions. The EMERAM team has also invested significantly with its own money. Entrepreneurial behaviour is therefore our inherent interest.

Our structure enables us to make content-independent decisions through our team of partners in Munich. This way, we are fast and flexible and can make targeted investment decisions or short-term entrepreneurial decisions in our portfolio companies.



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